Peninsula Home & Remodel Expo

October 4, 5 & 6, 2013

Peninsula Home & Remodel Expo** NOTE: There are just a couple vendor spaces available.  If you’re interested, please do not wait any longer.  We need all forms and payment at time of registration! **

** Attending the Expo?  Be sure to visit: for all the information including our special features like the Local Chef’s Chili Cook-Off and the Rooms of Inspiration as well as how we’ve put the “Remodel” back in Home & Remodel! **

Reinvest in Your Dream! Attend the Peninsula Home and Remodel Expo and find out why this is the best home and remodel event in the region. Professional Expo managment, affordable admission prices, FREE on-trend and informative seminars, and ample FREE parking.


Going to the Expo?  Beginning in September, visitors can find a list of Exhibitors, Seminars, and Featured Attractions by visiting  Be sure to check the Expo site  frequently for all the latest information.

$1 off admission coupon available by clicking here.


Registration is open for ALL vendors!   All vendor applications will be considered and will also be taken in first-in/first placed priority.

Curious about being a vendor?

Click on the links below to learn more about the Peninsula Home & Remodel Expo.  This is the best fall exhibition in the region.  Find out why:

1st Exhibitor Mailer - Includes important information for vendors.  This flyer includes the Kitsap Sun Pavilion floor plan and critical deadlines.

Booth Space Specifications - Use this diagram to understand what you can and can’t do with your booth space.  We are sure you will be able to create a wonderful space to display your company.

Electrical Requirements - Electrical service is available for all vendors but must be requested on the Exhibitor Order form.  110v is FREE.  Please consider your electrical needs carefully.  If you will need 220v, it is available for a small additional fee.

Ready to sign up?  It’s easy! 

Use the links below to print off the REQUIRED documents, complete them and submit them to the Home Builders Association of Kitsap County:

2013 Exhibitor Contract - Be sure to fully complete and sign this REQUIRED form before you submit it the HBA.

Exhibitor Reservation Form - This form includes the way to calculate your booth fee and required deposit.  This is a REQUIRED form and must be submitted with your signed contract in order to be considered for a booth in the Expo.

Tent Order Form - Use this form ONLY if you are requesting an outdoor space.  Outdoor spaces are available in the front of the Kitsap Sun Pavilion.  Outdoor exhibitors are not required to order a tent but if you wish for the Expo Management to provide one, you must submit this form.  The tents are provided at no additional cost and are weather resistant, walled, commercial tents.

Already Registered?

Once you register you should familiarize yourself with all the ways the Expo Management is working for you and how you can maximize your time and investment in the Peninsula Home & Remodel Expo.

Step 1:  The Exhibitor Reservation Form included a reference to documents on this website that you are responsible to read and be aware of.  Here is the list of documents you are expected to print, read, and share with your employees working the event.  If you have any questions about any of these items, please give us a call.  We are here to help!

Exhibitor Order Form - This is a required form for all vendors and must be submitted no later than September 6, 2013. All vendors registering after September 6 must include this form with their completed contract and payment.

Exhibitor Parking Instructions - Parking is FREE to our vendors and to the ticket buying public, but in order to ensure the public has easy access to the building it is necessary that vendors follow the Exhibitor Parking restrictions carefully.  Use this guide to ensure the you and your employees park only in the designated Exhibitor Parking areas.

Booth Space Specificiations – Using the link at the top of the page, please carefully review the restrictions for booth use.  In order to ensure all vendors have equal opportunity to see and be seen by the visiting public, it is essential all vendors carefully review these instructions for booth construction/use.

Electrical Requirements – Using the link at the top of the page, please familiarize yourself with the electricity options and the obligation of each vendor not to remove any electrical equipment provided by Expo Management.  110v electricity is provided for FREE to all booths, but it must be requested on the Exhibitor Order form (atttached above).  The Exhibitor Contract includes information about electricity useage as well.  220v is also available, and some vendors will be required to use it.  There is a small fee for the use of 220v and it also must be ordered in advance on the Exhibitor Order form.

Critical Deadlines - Use this form to stay on track for important deadlines as well as the set-up, Expo, and tear-down dates and times.

Pavilion Set Up Requirements - The Kitsap Sun Pavilion has a special sports court floor.  As a result it is REQUIRED that all vendors carefully review the steps necessary to protect the floor.  It’s easy to do, and most all exhibits can be acommodated.  Adherence to this requirement is strictly enforced.

Step 2: Promote the Expo and your company!

The Expo Management will spend thousands of dollars promoting the Peninsula Home & Remodel Expo.  This will be done in a diverse media buy covering targeted cable television, print media, regional magazines, local readerboards, social media, on line news outlets and many other techniques (for more information on some of the marketing we will do, please check here: Marketing 2013.  Even with all those efforts, you are encouraged to promote your investment in the Peninsula Home and Remodel Expo and we have a few easy suggestions to help you.

A. Discount Admission Coupons: We will produces an official Expo Admission Discount Coupon.  You are welcome to request a stack to use as a mailer insert to your customers or to make available in your place of business to your customers and visitors.  These are free while supplies last and can be used by you to announce that you’re in the Expo and to encourage those you know to attend.  You might also distribute small stacks of coupons to the businesses you do business with just as a way to further promote awareness of the Expo.

B. Customer Appreciation Passes: We will produce a pass that you can purchase from Expo Management for just $2.00 per ticket.  The ticket includes a place for you to put your company name and when you give these passes to your customers, friends and family they will get into the Expo for FREE for one day of the show.  At just $2.00 per ticket to you, these are an inexpensive way to thank your preferred customers.

C. Advertise!  In cooperation with one of our Expo sponsors, the Kitsap Sun, the Peninsula Home & Remodel Expo has a professional Official Expo Guide.  This Guide will be widely distributed in the days leading up to the Expo and given to Expo visitors each day of the Expo.  Consider advertising your company in the Guide.  Think about including reference to your booth number, or offering a token give-away to those the bring the ad to the booth.  Enhance your investment in the Expo by advertising in the only Offical Guide.  Here are the advertising rates: Official Guide Advertising Prices 2013

Step 3: Consider being a seminar instructor.

Each Expo we offer on-trend FREE seminars for the ticket buying public to enjoy.  We offer the opportunity to be an “instructor” to our vendors and  HBA members.  There is no compensation from the Expo Management to seminar instructors.  The only exception is when the Expo Management elects to hire a regional, or national expert to provide a seminar.  Seminars are typically less than 1 hour and are to help the public learn about an on-trend topic.  Seminar instructors are encouraged to apply to the Expo Management as soon as possible.

Home Builders Association of Kitsap County

This event is presented by the Home Builders Association of Kitsap County.

If you would like more information, or have any questions, please call the Home Builders Association office (360-479-5778), or email us at

2013 Peninsula Home & Remodel Expo Co-Sponsors:

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